Francis Alÿs, Nightwatch, 2004.  

Surveillance cameras observe a fox exploring the Tudor and Georgian rooms of the National Portrait Gallery at night.

Youth Lagoon
The Year Of Hibernation
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When I was seventeen,
My mother said to me:
"Don’t stop imagining, the day that you do is the day that you die."



"Girl crush" is literally the female version of no homo

My girl crushes are 100% homo

7, 13, 18? c:

7. Best Friends? 

oh gosh this question is too hard so I’m just gonna list all the friends I talk to frequently on tumblr!! If you’re not on here and we sometimes talk I haven’t forgotten about you I’m just trying not to make this list hella long since it did ask for best friends T u T anyways there’s Emma, Ray, Pan, BrynMaya, z, Denver, LivvieKatlin, Tessa, robot cutie, and we don’t talk a lot but Aidan is pree rad. If I’ve forgotten u smack me my memory is awful T 0 T 

13. Height?

Short - 3 -

18. Obsession?

Right now one of them is otome style fashion ahh 

ty for asking!! <33 C: 

woah a+ sadness sucker rei, jeez

I’m too tired for most things a lot of the time but punching sadness in the gut is never one of them !! (u ´) 

im secretly afraid i'll stay ugly forever, I keep waiting to wake up one day and i'll be pretty and every morning it never happens and i feel upset and ashamed. i dont like looking people in the eye and i have begun to really hate mirrors and i hate it. sorry for ranting at you i just saw you said that people could message you about stuff if they wanted.

anon u just sit there bc I am gonna hug the sadness out of you !! ; n ; 

I’ve felt that before, and I know how hard it can be, it’s like sometimes you just don’t wanna go out and deal with it you know?? But trust me, there are people who think you’re beautiful! For your personality AND your appearance c: I promise. When I met my previous boyfriend I wouldn’t have considered myself pretty at all, but he thought I was super cute!! You just gotta hold on and tell yourself you’re lovely the way you are.

Is there a style of clothing or fashion you’ve always admired but never worn? Go for it!! Don’t worry if you think you can’t pull it off or something, because if you’re happy in it that’ll show and you’ll look amazing <3 When you’re decked out in stuff you love, it’s hard to feel bad! 

Finally, if you’re pretty young, puberty sucks but it is also your friend. I’m kind of embarrassed to post this but if it helps I don’t mind !! I hit a pretty rough patch from the age of about… 12-14 maybe?? 



the first photo is me at about age 13 I would guess, and then the photo underneath is a couple weeks old, so about 4 years later. I’d like to think I’m improving with age haha but I’ve also had time to work on my confidence c: 

I hoped I helped just a little bit, and I hope you have a super lovely day filled with things and people you love okay? <3 keep smiling because you really are beautiful! image

So beautiful~~ look familiar? Bless Studio GHIBLI~
(The Borrower Arrietty & Howl’s Moving Castle)